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Seminars Taught by the Meihuazhuang Association

In the years following the establishment of international Meihuazhuang training groups, a number of diverse seminars have been led by Master Yan and his formal students — Ray Ambrossi and Yang Bin. The teaching sessions communicate aspects of Meihuazhuang's colourful cultural history, build on physical training regimes, and document the interrelationship between theory, health, body movement and self-defence

Master Yan teaches a seminar at New Dance Horizons in Regina


Summer Intensive Meihuazhuang Training — An intense and comprehensive training course in meihuazhuang martial training methods. Topics included history of meihuazhuang; Buddhist, Daoist and Confucian theory and its relationship to meihuazhuang; qigong theory; basic practice through the Jiazi training routine; advanced chengquan training in two-person fighting routines; two-person free-fighting; joint-locking skills and weaponry. Course consisted of 11 two and a half hour seminars held between July 24 and August 14 during the summer of 2002 (July 24, 26, 28, 29,31, Aug 2, 5, 9,11,12,14). In class instruction exceeded 28 hours. In Vancouver, British Columbia, the comprehensive training course ran through August 18 until the 29th (Aug 18, 19, 21,27, 29). Class instruction exceeded 10 hours


Summer Intensive Meihuazhuang Qigong Meditation Training — An introduction to meihuazhuang's qigong theory; explanation of essential terms including Jing, Qi and Shen; Daoist and Buddhist methods of breath regulation meditation exercises; Buddhist and Daoist theory and its relationship to qigong training and health; relationship of qigong to martial arts; relaxation techniques. The first Intensive Seminar (11 hours) was held Tuesday July 23 and Thursday July 25, and continued on the weekend of Sat. July 27 and Sun 28. The second Intensive Seminar (11 hours) was held during the weekend of August 10 and 11, 2004. In addition single evening seminars (2.5 hours each) were held on Monday July 29 and again on Wednesday August 7, 2002. In Vancouver, Master Yan. presented one 12 hour intensive seminar (Saturday August 24, Sunday August 25, 2002) and two 2.5 hour seminars (Tuesday August 20, Thursday August 22).


Introduction to Meihuazhuang — Two weeks of instruction which provided extensive instruction, theory & practise in the basic 'jiazi' training routine. The 'jiazi' relies on static posture, dynamic movement and breathing to nurture and strengthen energy (qi), calm the mind, and induce correct body alignments while releasing muscular stress. 16 hrs total instruction from 2002 June 2, 3, 5,7, 9, 10, 12, 14.


Tokyo, Japan. Guest seminar leader for the Japan Meihuazhuang Association. Presented classes on meihuazhuang fighting methods, breathing techniques, body alignment, movement training and weaponry.


Tokyo, Japan. Guest seminar leader for the Japan Meihuazhuang Association. Presented classes on meihuazhuang training methods, body alignment, movement training and spear, jian and broadsword techniques.


Yang Bin taught Meihuazhuang, Tongbeiquan, and Shuaijiao (Chinese wrestling) at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan as well as seminars on qigong theory and methods, integration of tongbeiquan pushhand methods with meihuazhuang and shuaijiao


Guest Lecturer at the McKay School of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Presented lectures on body awareness, alternative health principles and meditation techniques as embodied in the martial (wuchang) and arts/theory (wenchang) duality of Meihuazhuang


Presented lectures on the meihuazhuang societies in rural north China and their role in tourism and regional economic development. Lectures for WUSC and the International Centre for Sustainable Global Development, University of Regina.


Guest artist for New Dance Horizons. Taught seminars on movement training methods of Meihuazhuang, swordplay and qigong meditation methods and applications to dance.


Conducted seminar for theatre troupe Red Tattoo Society. Provided instruction in body alignment, meditation techniques and swordplay.


Swordplay seminar for New Dance Horizons Learning and Teaching Series. Taught basic sword techniques for improved body co-ordination, extension, fluid movement and expansion of one's spirit through the integration of mind, intent and motion.


Guest lecturer in the Theatre Department, University of Regina. Course focussed on advanced movement training, body alignment, and meditation techniques.


Professor Yan Zijie was a visiting scholar at the University of Regina where he lectured on the relationships between meihuazhuang and Chinese religions. In addition, he taught a series of seminars on meihuazhuang and qigong. He was a guest lecturer in the university theatre department, and presented a self-defence seminar to the Regina City Police.

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