Meihuazhuang Martial Art Societies Around the World

Over the course of centuries, meihuazhuang has been passed from one generation to the next as a tool for social organization, protection and as a method of recording cultural knowledge. The art embodies traditional conclusions regarding how to best attain health, longevity and clarity of mind.

“The road to perfect accomplishment lies in the freedom from random thoughts”

While Meihuazhuang has been widely practiced for centuries in China, it received considerable international attention when students from Canada, Japan, Turkmenistan, Poland, Israel and the United States were welcomed by Professor Yan Zijie, a well known master of the art. Building the interest demonstrated by his many students in China and this new group of practitioners, master Yan founded the International Meihuazhuang Organization (IMO) and directed his students with the task of popularizing the style in China, Europe and North America. Guided by the Meihuazhuang tradition of cooperation and mutual aid, international groups have learned from the shared work of masters and their students to coordinate efforts to propagate the style. Numerous practice societies have emerged as a result, maintained by the lively cultural exchange and direct teaching generously offered by master Yan and his formal students.

Though meihuazhuang remains a comparatively rare martial art, its popularity is increasing. Meihuazhuang practice groups can be found in China, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan, Tiawan, and the United States.

meihuazhuang in israel

Since 1994, Oded Ben Dov and Jossie Morgenstern have led a meihuazhuang training group.

meihuazhuang in japan

A meihuazhuang practice group meets regularly in the Tokyo region.

meihuazhuang in the USA

A meihuazhuang practice group meets regularly at Michigan State University,
Contact: Zhenzhan Chang, PhD. Dept of Biochemistry
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan, USA

meihuazhuang in taiwan

A student of Professor Yan’s currently studies in Taibei city. For more information contact the Canadian Association.

do you study meihuazhuang?

The Association actively seeks to build links and connections with other practitioners of meihuazhuang both within China and abroad. We look forward to constructive exchanges of information and practice methods with other meihuazhuang practitioners worldwide. The Canadian Association welcomes and encourage you to contact us.

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