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Meihuazhuang in Europe

Meihuazhuang was introduced to Europe 1994. From May — July 1994, Professor Yan and his daughter Yan Yan, traveled to Denmark, Belgium, France, and Israel to lecture on Meihuazhuang and ancient Chinese culture. The lectures drew attention to the study of this art by scholars fascinated by its rich history, by those wishing to improve their health and by martial arts enthusiasts. As a result of this initial trip the first groups of Meihuazhuang practitioners were formed in France, Switzerland and Israel. Several of Mr. Yan Zijie's European and Israeli students have returned to Jinan to continue their studies of Meihuazhuang.

Master Yan oversees the practice of his daughter and son-in-law. France, 2000

In Spring 1998, Ms Yan Yan and her husband Ren Junmin went to France study the French language and for Ren Junmin to undertake his studies in international law. Concurrently, Yanyan and Junmin are very active in teaching Meihuazhuang. On the tenth of April 1999, the AE-MHZ (Association Europenne de Meihuazhuang) was founded by 25 practitioners to attend to the organization and dissemination of Meihuazhuang in Europe. The principle mandate of the AE-MHZ is to function as a non-profit service structure, and serves as a network for the various local groups of practitioners in Europe. It works to coordinate cultural exchanges to encourage the development of Meihuazhuang skill and to establish and foster relationships with Chinese practitioners.

The AE-MHZ coordinates the activities between the local groups, and helps establish new groups. The most important activity for AE-MHZ is to support the stay of Yanyan and Ren Junmin, and now their daughter Qiqi, in France. Every month, there are approximately two important meeting with the participation of Yanyan and Junmin. The Association organizes an annual summer meeting (in 2001 the meeting was held in Kerlouan in Brittany in West France 22-28 of July). In 2000 AE-MHZ invited Yan Zijie and his wife to France, Switzerland and Israel to give lectures and teaching Meihuazhuang. The AE-MHZ is also organizing special tours to China to learn Meihuazhuang and to establish links and friendships with fellow Chinese practitioners.

Circular practice of meihuazhuang's jiazi. France, 2000

The AE-MHZ is an non-profit organization financed by annual fee from all members of the local groups. The Association has total membership of 500 people in approximately 35 local organizations across Europe. The numbers of members and local associations are still growing, but we still are missing contacts in northern Europe. The Association is ready to help people to start their own groups. The broad of AE-MHZ is constituted by 15 elected members and all meetings are open for public attendance. Overall, AE-MHZ is a service structure to support the practice of Meihuazhuang in Europe. The number of Meihuazhuang practitioners is rapidly growing across Europe as the AE-MHZ extends its knowledge to individuals and groups eager to investigate the art.

The AE-MHZ has an official Web-site address where you can contact the Association as well as find a list of meetings:

Currently, the AE-MHZ has a total membership of 500 members who practice in approximately 35 local groups across Europe. The practice group in Italy also has a webpage at

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