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Summary of Professor Yan Zijie's seminars.
2002: Regina & Vancouver, Canada

Weekly Lectures

Meihuazhuang Courses

In Regina, Saskatchewan, an intense and comprehensive training course in meihuazhuang martial training methods was presented through 11 two and a half hour seminars held between July 24 and August 14 during the summer of 2002 (July 24, 26, 28, 29,31, Aug 2, 5, 9,11,12,14). In class instruction exceeded 28 hours.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the comprehensive training course ran through August 18 until the 29th (Aug 18, 19, 21,27, 29). Class instruction exceeded 10 hours.

Course content: History of meihuazhuang; Buddhist, Daoist and Confucian theory and its relationship to meihuazhuang; qigong theory; basic practice through the Jiazi training routine; advanced chengquan training in two-person fighting routines; two-person free-fighting; joint-locking skills. All students who took part in the meihuazhuang course also studied basic weaponry. Master Yan taught straight sword (jian), double jian, spear play, and long spear. Assistant instructors were Alice Lee, Ray Ambrosi, Jim Roscoe, and Douglas Herasymuik. Videotapes and information available on request.

Professor Yan “draws” a diagram on the ground to show the correct directional lines used when practicing Jiazi. University of Regina, Summer 2002

Evening discussions: In addition to the formal learning, nearly every evening after class in Regina and in Vancouver, Master Yan talked at length about meihuazhuang's history, social background, the benefits of meihuazhuang training, the relationship between training methods, health and martial skills. All of the evening talks were imbued with philosophy and discussion during free question and answer periods. Nearly 22 hours of informal, free discussion took place over many glasses of tea, plates of fruit in the backyard of the Ambrosi home, in coffee shops, and at the home of students. In Vancouver, many informal discussions were held at the Lee home (special thanks to the Lee and Ambrosi for their hospitality). Videotapes and information available on request.

Qigong Courses

In Regina, between July 23 and August 11 2002, a total of 8 qigong classes were presented by master Yan. His teachings were presented in two forms — an 11 hour seminar and a 2.5 hour seminar. The 11 hour intensive seminar and the 2.5 hour seminar were repeated twice during the summer. The first Intensive Seminar (11 hours) was held Tuesday July 23 and Thursday July 25, and continued on the weekend of Sat. July 27 and Sun 28.

The second Intensive Seminar (11 hours) was held during the weekend of August 10 and 11, 2004. In addition single evening seminars (2.5 hours each) were held on Monday July 29 and again on Wednesday August 7, 2002.

Ray Ambrosi, Alice Lee served as assistant instructors and translators. Jim Roscoe and Irene Terashimi were the main camera operators. Over 20 hours of instruction was provided. Videotapes and information available on request.

In Vancouver, one 12 hour intensive seminar (Saturday August 24, Sunday August 25, 2002) and two 2.5 hour seminars (Tuesday August 20, Thursday August 22) were presented by Master Yan.

Master Yan teachers a qigong course 
  at the University of Regina


The Chinese Martial Arts Summer Training Seminars in 2002 marked master Yan Zijie's second visit to Canada. In fact, to our knowledge, no other prominent meihuazhuang master has visited North America since his first trip in 1995

The master taught a great number of practice methods and routines which contributed greatly to improving the skill level and knowledge of Canadian students and instructors. To commemorate the knowledge imparted during his visit, a book entitled “Meihuazhuang Qigong Methods: Eight Lectures” was published in 1997. The work condenses the fundamental teachings of the qigong seminars, serves as an invaluable handbook for practitioners, and documents the qigong methods of meihuazhuang. We wholeheartedly thank master Yan for imparting us with this valuable knowledge through his volunteer efforts.

The Canadian Meihuazhuang Association has continued to offer seminars in qigong and martial arts to a variety of groups including dancers, actors, performing artists and bodywork therapists. For a complete list of seminars taught by the Association, please see Past Seminars by Meihuazhuang Association

Having a rest at last. Our teaching schedule was very busy for nearly two months! In British Columbia, we took some time to rest and relax. Alice Lee was the boat guide (no wonder we almost got lost), and Ray Ambrosi was in charge of steering (that's why we almost didn't make it back)

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