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Summer Seminar Series, 2002 222 KB
Summer Seminar Poster 159 KB
Meihuazhuang and Sustainable Tourism, 2000 174 KB
Options for Sustainable Tourism Development in Northern China, 2000 204 KB
Qigong and Health — Pushhands and Wrestling, 2000 113 KB


Culture Night 1993  University of Regina, Language Institute, Regina, SK. 21 KB
Picnic in the Park 1993  TACS Community Newspaper, Regina, SK. 265 KB
Plum Flower Post Project 1996  Theater Department, University of Regina, Regina, SK. 51 KB
A Style with a Plum 1997   Regina Sunday Sun Newspaper, Regina, SK. 352 KB
Exercise with an Edge 1998   Regina Leader Post Newspaper, Regina, SK. 341 KB
Martial Arts on Campus 2001   University of Regina Carillon Newspaper, Regina, SK. 202 KB
Meihuazhuang Master Sui in Beijing 2001   Japanese Wushu Magazine (in Japanese) 902 KB
Master Returns 2002  University of Regina Carillion Newspaper, Regina, SK. 204 KB
Meihuazhuang: Martial and Healing Art 2002  WholeLife Magazine, Saskatoon, SK. 161 KB

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