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Meihuazhuang in China — Shandong Province

Master Yan Zijie trains students in Chengquan — a two-person training routine of meihuazhuang. Shandong University, early 1980's

Meihuazhuang (Plum Flower Post Boxing), is a relatively obscure martial art in China. Owing to the efforts of Professor Yan Zijie’s and the International Meihuazhuang Organization (IMO), meihuazhuang is becoming increasingly popular. The official homepage of the International Meihuazhuang Organization at

Outstanding efforts by other meihuazhuang masters and their students in other urban centers of China have also made tremendous contributions to the propagation of Meihuazhuang.

Some of the accomplishments made by the IMO in the effort to popularize the style and reintroduce it to the martial world in China after centuries of obscurity are listed below.

  • Since the 1980s, Professor Yan has taught meihuazhuang at many universities and colleges in Jinan which subsequently established Meihuazhuang research and practice groups.
  • From 1993 to 1995, the Shandong Arts College and the International Meihuazhuang Organization offered a gongfu (martial art) 2 year training course for actors. This preliminary course was established for training marital arts actors for movies and television and had 20 students enrolled. The IMO is actively involved in researching ways to unite Meihuazhuang's martial theory and the performing arts and research the interrelationships of these two arts.
  • Meihuazhuang was one of the events demonstrated during arts and culture performances of the 1995 International Weifang Kite Festival. Several elderly esteemed Meihuazhuang masters were invited to the event to take part in experiments in the curing disease through qigong therapy and techniques of divination.
  • From 1995-1996, an experimental Meihuazhuang Qigong clinic was established in Weifang city. In 1996, a week long series of intensive seminars on the martial and healing arts of meihuazhuang was held at the clinic for a delegation of French TCM doctors.
  • In 1998, Shandong Teacher's University held a 10th anniversary celebration of the club=s founding. A day-long performance of martial arts was attended by hundreds of meihuazhuang students coming from both urban and rural across north China and from Canada, Turkmenistan, Japan, Poland and USA.

The 1998 10th year anniversary demonstration was attended by many practitioners from across north China. Hundreds of spectators watched the day's activities.

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